Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blog Dump

There are no pictures because I am being lazy, the camera is in Porkchop's room, and there is no way I'm going in there to risk waking up that teething little monkey so you can get a cute kid pic fix. Plus, I'm still kind of getting back at my sister for texting, "I posted pics of Ezra." When you're 35 weeks pregnant you just don't do that without some sort of explanation!

Instead, this is my blog dump... A catch all for what's occurred since I blogged last. You'll thank me for sparing you the details of the other dump I dealt with today. Let's just say we didn't make it church and Scrunch exclaimed, "That's the yuckiest poop I've have. ever. seen!" Her commentary lately has been classic.

Thursday we went to the zoo. After we badgered the poor girl at the gate about the "pictures" on her arms with "why?" "why?" "why?" and then a "you shouldn't color on your arms" we went in just in time for feeding time in the reptile house. She was completely un-phased by the python strangling and swallowing whole the giant rat. She told a family that we ate squirrels. When I told her no we didn't, "It's okay mom." Turns to them, "Yeah, we do." I told her not to throw the bait in the water when Grandpa Webb took her crawdad fishing. She told me, "I'm not going to give up." I figured I better, and let her do it. Tonight she asked Papa if I could sleep in her bed. The answer was no with an explanation that I had to sleep in Papa's bed. Why do you always sleep in Papa's bed? Because we're married. Then her eyes got huge, she got visibly excited, "Oh Mommy!! Did you get like a Princess?" She only went to sleep after I promised to show her pictures of Mommy dressed like a princess tomorrow. I'm going to have to dig up my wedding pictures.

Prior to the zoo we went to lunch with Katie and a bunch of FSA friends. Considering we live in separate states I'd say we're doing pretty well on the once a month lunch dates. Sitting at the table with these women, most of them whom I've watched become moms, it was kind of surreal to realize how much kids change things, in a good way. It was a strange and bittersweet realization that 1) I really do want more kids, 2) I am lucky and blessed to have the two I've got,and 3) it's just not that easy.

Friday was opening day at the lake. The lake makes me realize how much I love my life and where I live (even if my family room is nowhere near being finished). I also realized that if I'm going to have any luck keeping an eye on Scrunch this summer, I need to put in her in something other than a pink or purple bathing suit. This has since been remedied. Oh, and thanks to Megan I have pics of part of their fun...

Saturday morning I went to a sealing. There is nothing as spiritual and special as a parent child sealing. I cried like a baby. It was beautiful.

The highlight of Saturday afternoon was going crawdad fishing with Grandpa Webb and Scrunch discovered eclairs. She also let me sleep with her almost life sized Ariel doll from Aunt E, and BOTH her Little Mermaid and Tinkerbell towels. We can thank Husband and his phone for these...

Today I took A Day of Rest literally and geared up for the rest of week. I don't know what for. I hope to spend most of it knitting at the lake. And so do the kids.


Goose said...

That kid cracks me up.

Katie said...

I wondered why I didn't see you at the blessing, mystery solved :)

So what do ya say, should we shoot for 3 months in a row of lunch dates? I think so too.

mousemovie said...

Since you're so busy I'll help you out with the wedding photo for Scrunch...

Too bad I can't post a picture to a comment, but this link will get you there.

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