Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Porkchop's Room Makeover

Today shall be known as National Hug a Cement Worker Day. Because Holy Shmoly! It's harder than it looks!!

After three days on hands and knees with the paint stripper, we decided that we should just float a skim coat. Whatever that means... I don't float. Not much about this little project has 'floated'. Thanks to my schizophrenic house makeover there isn't a single room in my house that is "done" at the moment. It was starting to make me c.r.a.z.y. Yes. Starting.

ahem... So...

In an effort to not lose It or my Husband, I needed to finish a room. Just one room, for Pete's sake! We don't have a Pete so I went with the closest thing we had. For Porkchop's sake! And mine. I finished his room. For now.

And all for a whopping total of... something like $38.00. This includes the paint. Two gallons of oops paint mixed together!

The lighting and the flash are terrible! A little too Dr. Seuss-ish. Someday I'll learn what it means to shoot in manual mode. Until then, lets just say it's halfway between blue and gray, a bunch of other colors, and call it good.

Ask me how ticked I was when it rained ALL OVER my You Are My Sunshine canvas when I put it on the porch to dry. It doesn't usually rain in June around here. Dad built the crib. The rug was from the family room. The chair I found on the side of the road a few years ago, and the shelf used to be in Scrunch's room. Other than that, this room was completely bare bones. Not bad for THIRTY EIGHT DOLLARS AND THIRTY FOUR CENTS!!

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