Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Porkchop went to bed and Scrunch went with her Papa for a walk. For the first time since I woke up this morning, it is quiet. I thought I'd go wash the dishes, but thankfully got distracted instead.

I laid on Scrunch's bed in front of the fan and remembered a woman whose blog I hadn't read in a few years. I Googled to check up on her. The short version is that after years of infertility they chose to adopt. The were chosen by a birthmom when they then found out they were pregnant with twins. The birthmom opted not to place with them. They lost both their twins at birth due to complications. A few years went by. Again they were chosen to adopt a son. Ten days later they found out she was pregnant. They are now happily raising two boys who are four months apart.

After a couple of blog hops I landed on another blog of a woman who writes about being a widow in her twenties after only five years of marriage.

I had to stop hopping because now I was crying and Scrunch and her Papa are due to be home soon. Tears would unleash a torrent of "Whys?" from my three year old bug, and without an adequate explanation she won't be going to bed any time soon.

Even though the circumstances were tragic and (from what I read) they were blunt and honest in their feelings and frustrations, they were also filled with faith. I don't know how, and tons more of it than I've got. Not the Sunday School answer type, but a true understanding, an acceptance that there is a Plan and a Heavenly Father who loves us.

A good reminder.

Not bad for havin' nothin' to do on a Wednesday night.

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