Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I just don't know what I'm going to do with her!

While I've been channeling Daniel Larusso, a la Karate Kid, with my wax on wax off motion of the steel wool on the family room floors, Scrunch has been channeling her own favorite character.

Poor Little Mermaid's hair is proof a dingle-hopper just isn't going to cut it.

When I went to clean her room I discovered this little treasure trove of wonders untold inside a paper lantern under her bed. When I asked her about it she responded with, "It's my collection!"

Ah, your collection!

Little Mermaid does not knit. I could be wrong. Maybe in Little Mermaid XVI she teaches her great-great grand daughter how to knit before she turns back into a human, or was it a mermaid? Until that happens, I'd like all my double pointed needles back.


mousemovie said...

A subtle hint that a visit to Grami's and a ride on the new Little Mermaid attraction at Disneyland maybe...

Good Girl!


Marti said...

She looks good as a red head :)

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