Monday, June 20, 2011

Bueno y No Bueno

That our hangouts occur only once a year. No Bueno.
That it occurred yesterday on my back patio. Muy Bueno.

Not everyone LOVING my funky embroidered shirt. No Bueno.
That it cost me three bucks at Goodwill and Holly liked it. Muy Bueno.

Sewing seven yards of piping. No Bueno.
Finally ordering the fabrics for my outdoor cushions. Muy Bueno.

Waiting for my fabrics to arrive. No Bueno.
Having a cushy spot to read before a turn into a slug and lounge the rest of the summer. Muy Bueno.

Not enough time to read this weekend. No Bueno.
Listening to Tina Fey narrate Boyssypants. Muy Bueno.

My husband being gone for days at a time. No Bueno.
That he has such a good time while he's gone. Muy Bueno.

That he can't be trusted to take pictures to document his trip. No Bueno.
That Tommy can. Muy Bueno.

Having the biggest mouth Ever!!! An innate and seemingly genetic incapability to keep my trap shut! No Bueno.
The secrets I divulge are mostly my own. Muy Bueno.

Waking up nauseated. No Bueno.
That one of my kids will be sharing a room come February. Muy, muy bueno.


Marti said...


Angela said...

That was just an announcement of sorts, wasn't it?

Goose said...

I knew you couldn't keep my mouth shut!!! hahahaha

cambridgeclan said...

I love how there aren't any comments yet! hanging out with friends at the lake Muy bueno

Shane & Amy said...

I was wondering a couple of posts back! Congrats! That's awesome news.

Natster said...

wait what???? I LOVE IT! Congrats!

Holly said...

Haha! Told you August wouldn't happen:) I absolutely loved seeing you guys on Sunday!

Katie said...

Umm, what?! Details please! I'm so excited for you!

Wilkins Clan said...

That is awesome! Go mama go. That's fun that you and Angela get to be pregnant together.

By the way Holly looks great.

Marin said...

Go Yanette!

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