Friday, April 6, 2012


I wish all my posts could be like my last one. One decorated room reveal right after another. Someone asked me on Facebook for a step by step of the light fixture. It'll probably take the next three afternoons of quiet time, but I'm gonna try and make it happen. We are armed and ready to tackle the girls' room!

Wait. Let's make it five or six afternoons. I just remembered it is Easter Weekend.

Ugh. We're up to eight or nine. I'm going to LA next week to cuddle with my Ez-ah-wah!

Have you seen 'We Bought a Zoo'? I want to watch it. Can you make a lamp, while watching a movie, and nursing? You know that will be part of the tutorial.

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Angela said...

We saw "We Bought a Zoo" It was a great movie, for grown ups. Don't watch it if you have an astute child, as there is a part of the movie where they talk about "... a six year old who still believes in the Easter Bunny." Whoo boy did we hold our breath about that one!

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