Saturday, April 28, 2012

Girl Room Revealed

As of Monday I might disappear from Crazytown altogether, or just be consumed by it's running. The Mayoral responsibilities continue to increase exponentially while the pay doesn't. But maternity leave ends Monday and I'm headed back. In a perfect world, the added time constraints will force me into increased productivity and all the time management and organization skills I've learned or read about or ever hope to learn or read about will be magically put to use. In reality, my house is about to get a whole lot dustier and I might get crazier. The upside is that I don't have to leave my house to keep my job. The up-up side is that when I do clean and dust, I can check one more room in the house off as being "done".

Fence slat sign painted by yours truly. I got impatient and freehanded rather than use a stencil.
Light fixture- Same clearance pot contraption as Porkchop's room only pink.
Zig zag quilts- Overstock
Lumbar pillows- Home Goods

 Sorry about the glare on this one.

Trunk was found free on the side of the road by my husband. He brought it home to me in it's nasty condition as a token of his love. It was bad. A little beadboard, paint, and some lovin'.
$3.00 rope tote from the store that shall not be mentioned. 
Cross stitched the Hummel's when I was twelve.
Used gold rub and buff on the frames. All things I had. 
The hobby horse I made for Scrunch for her second birthday.
Striped rug from Amazon.

Polka dot curtains from Ikea a while back.
Pink paint taped off on the dresser.
More Rub n Buff on the hardware we had.
Headband holder from a Quaker Oats canister.
Pink wicker chair has been around for a long time but originally from Ikea.
Faux-faux sheepskin rug- Shhh...don't tell. A real sheepskin rug was not in the budget and a trek to Ikea two weeks in a row would do me in so I bought a yard of faux fur from Joann's and fray checked it.
Wreath has been around for ever.
Green hippo coin bank was my latest thrift store find. Her name is Shelby.

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