Saturday, April 21, 2012

And then there was light. Sort of.

It takes almost exactly ten days to dump my house entirely on it's head. Good laws! I don't remember being that sick in my entire adult life. Luckily, Jess (Aunt Goose to my kids) rescued me from the avalanche of laundry Wednesday night. They unexpectedly turned up in town for a funeral and I handed her a pile of hangers while my kids stole Ez-ah-wahs Puffs. Mercy be upon my wicked soul if I wish for a few more funerals. And on a regular basis. She hates me right now and is not returning phone calls since I passed the Black Plague on to her. The count is up to two of my three sisters, my mom, and I gave pink eye to my Dad. I am nothing if not generous.

Out of the deep recesses of my generous heart also comes the following tutorial. Someone wants to know how I made my light fixtures for the kids' rooms. I said I'd hook her up. The following is my disclaimer...

I am terrible at writing tutorials. Partly because I make things up as I go along, but mostly because 'good enough' is good enough. And if you're a perfectionist it'll drive you batty. I say it gives it character. Also, I'm not an electrician. And I don't have much experience with power tools. If you electrocute yourself or a loved one, it's on you. If your husband files for divorce because he put his foot down, laid out an altimatum, and lost. Good Glory Woman! Not another project! Again, your problem. I don't know any single males to set you up with. Also, I am a nurse. But that doesn't mean if you cut, drill, staple, burn, or shock the crap out of your hand or any other body part you should call me. How many more ways can I get out of your blaming me should ANYthing go wrong or not work? This is all on you, baby. Capisce?

A pic is worth a thousand words. But if you have a question, feel free. Dad, this is where you need to go for a walk. He's gonna stroke when he sees this.

Resin pot- Home Depot clearance $5.00
Mini Pendant Light kit in white- Lowes approx. $14.00 Home Depot has it in nickel and bronze.
Rustoleum white spray paint and pink for the inside. I used green in Porkchop's room.
We had one of those ugly builder boob lights so we needed the ceiling medallion as well.


This is where my generosity ends. I'm hoping to get to the bathroom fixture. This one came in a box.

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