Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gag Order

It is easier for me to just not blog than to keep my mouth shut. But when I think about it, I will be sad for myself and my kids if we don't record at least SOMEthing about this time in our lives.

The less-than-Reader's Digest version goes like this...we are in the process of updating our homestudy ASAP and working towards adoption or at least taking custody/fostering a sibling group.

This is not something we went looking for. We know it sounds crazy. (Please see above where it says Mayor of CRAZYtown). We know people might not understand. Should've seen the look on the Kohl's cashier when I cleaned up at their sale last night. She was all sorts of confused. Daycare? Camp director? We know this is going to be hard. As someone has already been pointed out, BEST CASE scenario this is only going to be hard. Since when is 'hard' a reason not to do the right thing? We are not doing this as a service project or because we are nice people. Trust me, I'm not that nice. We feel like we have been prepared and feel that this is the right for our family. For now, that is all I can say publicly. Please don't say anything to my children. My number one concern is the what is the best interest of the kids. I have admired Dian Fossey since I watched Gorillas in the Mist as a little girl. I can and will go gorilla!

Phew! Now I feel like I can go back to blogging about the latest painting project. Oh yea! Between shuttling kids and coordinating get togethers I bought a nail gun, started a book club, and ordered a ginormous cross-stitch pillow kit for my birthday. Oooh, and Gramps stopped by (from So. Cal)  to bring me a giant Dr. Pepper and took me to have California Eggs Benedict at our favorite place this week. Welcome to Crazytown!

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