Thursday, July 12, 2012

Say a little prayer for me.

I am completely bushwacked. But good.

It was a day filled with sheet forts, clementines, smoothies, perler beads, slip n' slide, coloring, and spaghetti. It was a blessed day. (Yes, we are a corny Crazytown these days.) Three out of six napped AT THE SAME TIME! If that is not a blessing straight from heaven, I don't know what is. There was no fighting. No meltdowns. The kids are polite and sweet. Scrunch is in heaven with older girls to keep up with. Porkchop had a blast with my new boyfriend closing each other in the pantry. And Juju has no doubt she is going to leap from her bouncer and grab a bite of whatever might be hanging off the edge of someone's fork. If they drop something that would be even better, manna from heaven. Jedi doesn't know who to follow next. I am feeling more confident that the lingering baby weight will come off after only a short time of chasing everyone around. At dinner, Husband looked at our full dining table and with sincerity said, "It is so good to have you in our home."

I thought I might be relieved when I dropped them off this evening to where they are staying, but I wasn't. I was kind of sad. Several times throughout the day I caught myself watching them all and smiling. Like the Grinch who stole Christmas I felt my heart grow three sizes and I thought, "Oh crap, I'm falling in love."

Right now none of the kids know what is going on. We're all just really good friends spending the summer together. They are in the temporary custody of an amazing family until we sort things out, like ASAP. We meet with the attorney in the morning. We are preparing plan A, B, and C. There are so many variables, so many unknowns. Except that I feel my protective mother tentacles wrapping around these kiddos with a fierceness I didn't expect so quickly. When I picked them up this morning more than once Beezus (the oldest) asked when we would be home. I winced a little and said a little prayer. "Please let them come home."

I don't feel I've asked for much and if I have, will you please pretend I haven't and do me this one little favor? Say a little prayer. "Please let them come home."


Goose said...

Been praying all day and won't stop. Names will go on the prayer roll in the morning. Love you ALL

Holly said...

Holy crap!! You're killing me!! And, now I'm crying...

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