Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Favorite List Ever!

We are quarantined. Oh, goody.

This is someone's (not mine) sick joke. Because now when I don't feel like praying for death, life will look rosy again.

Husband and the kids are on a Planet Earth marathon and I'm making lists. I think I've spent four hours making the Thanksgiving meal plan, shopping list, timeline, etc. My two weeks menu plan. To-do for the Relief Society Christmas Dinner. Christmas crafting lists. Christmas break activities. I use the little Post It note Windows program to post them all over my laptop. "Pinning" just isn't the same for me. I like my lists. It's my way of doing something without having to actually move or do anything.

My favorite list has been one I've worked on over the last couple of days. It might be my very favorite list of all time! It's my 30 Before 30. It's not a new concept. Anyone who is anyone has been there done that. That's kind of what prompted it. John urged me to come up with something special to do that was just for me. Everything that came to mind initially had to do with either something for the kids or the house. It kind of sent me into panic mode and on a mission. I'm still a somebody!

What I like about the idea compared to a bucket list is that there is a time constraint so the activities have to be realistic. Sure, I'd like to bike the Great Wall and bask in the Shire, but hello?! I've got four (that I know of) sets of braces to cover. And then there's the whole being the complete food source for a small human. It kinda cramps my globe trotting style.

And so...the countdown starts...624 days...

Go on a Llama trek
Swim with dolphins
Go paintballing
Snowboard at Lake Tahoe
Take a ballroom dance class
Make sushi
Ice skate in Yosemite
Go to Yellowstone
Handgun safety certification
Learn to play bridge
Start the TKGA Master Knitter course
Go to Studio 49 Retreat
Go indoor surfing
Take all my sewing machine classes
Practice yoga thirty days in a row
Do a mudrun type obstacle course/run
Ride in a hot air balloon
Spin from our bunny
Take all the kids on a bike ride
Have a sleepover with just my sisters
Do 30 Day Shred for the full 30 Days
Learn what all the numbers mean on my camera
Finish my Kelmscott sweater
Buy a really nice purse that does not have to double as a diaper bag
Build and plant my window boxes every season
Purchase something with my name or initial on it
Go to a concert
Get a really good tan
Start violin lessons again (Greatest regret of my life!)
Read Jane Austen's six novels


Natster said...

I too would like to ride my bike to the Great Wall and bask in the Shire.
I like this 30 before 30 list. I will make one too. But then I think I need to have multiple lists. Like 30 quilts to make, 30 books to read 30 beaded projects to make, 30 blah blah blah... haha.
Loves to you.

Ashlee said...

I knew there was something about you, but havent had the chance to "get to know you". You're amazing. We should quilt together I miss it.

Ashlee said...

I knew there was something about you I just haven't had the chance to "get to know" you. You're amazing. We should quilt together. I miss it and I don't really have an excuse for not doing it.

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