Monday, July 22, 2013

I did not drop off the face of the planet.

Things have been busy, but I guess everyone says that. I also just haven't felt like blogging. That's just true.

I was just thinking a few weeks ago that this blog was such an outlet for me when I first started it. We were going on years of infertility and had started the adoption process and it just felt so much better to have somewhere to write all the blech down.

Life has changed so much since then...Scrunch, we bought our house, Porkchop, Juju, the little adventure of fostering three kids, all the pets. Isn't it so stupid that I felt like I didn't need this blog anymore when I found out I was pregnant a couple weeks ago? And now I sit on my bed holding still, because if I hold still maybe I will stop bleeding and I won't be miscarrying this baby. Even though I'm sure that I am.

I could have not said anything. Only a handful of people would have known. I would stay as busy as I've always been, gone on to put our house on the market this week, (hopefully) move to our dream house, and it would look like I have a perfect life with my perfect little family (and maybe a llama!). And in so many ways I do. But nobody's life is like that.

I'm not so very different than I was six years ago. Not really. And we're not really that different from each other. Everyone has ups and downs, and goals and disappointments. And it is just the way of things.

It is still nice to have a place to write them all down so I can come back when I need it.



Lisa said...

No, not stupid at all. I was just thinking how much we've all grown and changed, the ups and downs we girls have seen each other through, and how much *my* life has changed in the years that I've been reading your blog (has it really been that long?) Heavenly Father has led us through a lot, triumphs and trials, and they will all make us into the goddesses we will be together one day in the Celestial kingdom. :) Yanette you are a strong woman, and an example to so many. You do have a lovely family, and you will be blessed, even in your trials.

Natster said...

So so sorry. Heart is breaking at the thought.

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