Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I eat when I'm stressed or nervous. Black licorice (the good Australian kind), pistachio gelato, sweet potato fries, Trader Joes dark chocolate with truffle, any kind of ice cream- these are some of my favorites. For the next thirty-three days (dang Labor Day holiday) I am on pins and needles and completely undoing everything I did during my cleanse. I figure I'll just break even. Maybe I'll do a sit up or two for luck and because I can. Yeah right.

Our house sold. In one day. For this I am supremely grateful. Also, our offer on our dream house was accepted. I say dream house, because I have great dreams for it. It needs a lot, like a ton a lot of work. But it is yellow and in the country where we'll eat a lot of peaches. Those are healthy, right? Got to be better than the whole box of Joe-joes I'm working on.

Also, Presidents of the United States makes for great cleaning music. Sliding door tracks, second story porch windows, all those things that never get cleaned unless someone is coming or going.

This is my update for the week.

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Marti said...

so happy everything worked out and so quickly!

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