Friday, December 3, 2010


I openly admitted it tonight, so now I can talk about it. I think I'm about as hormonally deranged as I've ever been. For reals this time. My reaction to everything including getting the mail involves either tears or wanting to jump out of my skin. What gives? Maybe I'm PMSing. I hope I'm PMSing. In fact, I came in the door last night and announced to my husband "I HOPE I'M PMS-ING!!" He started laughing and asked, "Why?"


And he laughed some more.

You'd think that after seven and a half years of marriage, three sisters of his own, and three sisters-in-law, the dude would have figured out when to stifle a laugh. Or at least hide it with a fake cough.

So, now you know. Gotta keep things short and sweet till I get a grip or completely surrender to the madness. Anyway, I neglected to mention two of the best events of November. The FSA Fireside and Fairytale town. Both start with Fs and involve some of our very favorite people.

Nobody rocks the bows I've made like this little girl. And her mom totally rocked her presentation at the Fireside!



cambridgeclan said...

If it's not PMS, I vote for sleep deprivation. That is usually the cause of my own emotional "imbalance".

Katie said...

She does rock the bows, doesn't she? That day at FT Town was a great one, we're quite the little 6-some, aren't we?

Oh and I've hoped for PMS as a justification more than once! It's really the perfect excuse.

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