Friday, December 17, 2010

I Win! I Win! I Win!

Normally, I would not recommend arguing with a two almost-three-year old. But there is an exception to every rule.

She's my Mick!

No!! She's MY Mick!


With my sister Mick here we got the tree down and then (mostly) up, the faux gingerbread houses constructed, an FSA party, and then even got in a date. We tried to take a family pic without having to use a timer, but even Mick is no miracle worker.

Try #1.

Try #2.

Try #3.

Good enough. I'm hungry.


We were very excited to be going on an adults only date. It hasn't happened since I think the last Holiday party.

My kids don't like her much. Obviously.

Gob bless Miqui, everyone!

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Goose said...

You've got some cute kids

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