Thursday, September 1, 2011

Real Life (with commentary)

I have this little white distressed tin bucket that usually sits on the bathroom counter. It's usually filled with...well, I don't really know why it's even in there, but it just is.

I happened to use that restroom and find the bucket sitting on the edge of the bathtub filled with... well, I don't really know what, but it just is. Pee? Shampoo? If I'm lucky, it's just the water Scrunch might have used to give some Little Person a bath. The Fisher Price variety not the TLC reality show.

I looked in, quickly finished my business, and left it still sitting on the edge of the tub. Bathrooms are on Mondays. Today is NOT Monday. Monday I hope to still be out of town. So, as long as it doesn't rust completely through the bucket making an even bigger mess, I hope to get around to dealing with it sometime before...??? Halloween? Yes. I can commit to dealing with this particular unexpected mess before Halloween.

That is the primary trouble with my grand plans. In theory, it was perfect. And for a whole five days it worked. But I neglected to factor in all the unexpected but 'don't have much of a choice but to deal with it' events in life. You know. Real life. Things like...

Working the weekend. Um, please don't use the lighter standing next to the oxygen tanks. Exact words I used, I swear.

Unexpected and required training two hours away. Hooray for paid drive time!

Midwifery appointments. Note to self. If you take your husband with you, he will tattle on you. But you'll also get the best name suggestion ever! A grand daughter of one of my midwives wanted to name their recent addition Pollywogallina. It didn't fly with her mom and they went with something else. I see this as making the name free game. Pollywogallina it is!

Optometry appointments. Oh yes, the Mayor is going to look oh so official in new purple glasses. And hopefully young and hot. 

Four hour ordeals for a Surgeon's follow up. Hi, I know you're a wicked smart surgeon and all (and I will always love you), but are you daft? Dude! You don't bring us into the exam room just to give us hope and then leave us there for another twenty minutes. Not if you expect all those fancy, shiny, sharp and I can only assume expensive gadgets to stay sterile. He's 15 mos old. Complete torture! You owe me so big that I didn't use one of your tools to poke my eyes out. I only ate ice cream with cocktail flavored Jelly Belly's to console myself instead. And, I figure I need to be nice(r) since we'll be back in a couple of weeks and then again so you can put him under. Tubes are falling out. Time for new ones.

You know... the usual stuff.

It's just life.

And somehow factoring in keeping a spotless house is taking less and less of a priority. In a perfect world? Oh, sure. I'd love to. But in the real world there will probably always be some tin bucket filled with Heaven only knows what! And other stuff will just have to wait till next week.

If I had it to do over again I might have added "and wonky stenciling skeeelz", but what can you do? Obviously there are a few letters missing because I needed a 'do-over', but my little reminder is now printed on the chalkboard above the kitchen table.

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Ellie said...

You only want super sexy purple glasses because thats what I HAVE! We can be rockin our 4 eyes like no other and all will be jealous. Did I mention I just checked your blog from GERMANY? Dedication.

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