Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Remember Me

When Mom called she set the record straight.

"I did not wallpaper 750 square feet of anything."

"It was just the two end walls. The rest was paint."

Huh? What? That can't be right. I even checked with Miqui and she remembers the wallpaper as much as I do.

On another day I might have been disturbed by the thought that much of my remembered childhood might not be true! How could this be?

But not today. Today I am pleased as punch that there's a chance my children might remember me more awesome than I really am.

'Mom fulfills special requests pulling out all the stops and all her connections.' Scrunch's only request was to see a lizard and a snake at the zoo, and by some miracle we showed up at the same time they were doing some exhibit.

'Mom always let us ride the train and carousel.' It was hot. Everyone was tired of walking, and if we hit the train and the carousel it would be easier to convince you it was time to go home.

'She always had her camera ready to take pictures.' No I didn't. It was my phone. These days everything is capable of taking a picture, crappy as they may be.

'Mom was always a master gardener.' By some weird curse all bloody twenty-four tomato plants took.

'Mom was always smiling in the kitchen and wearing her apron.' Once a year I stood for six hours straight stirring and peeling and making Heaven only knows what with all those damn tomatoes. And I wasn't smiling, I was gritting my teeth so I wouldn't cuss like a sailor when I stood up and smacked my head on an open cupboard.

'She always let us stay up and hang out on the couch while she finished working, waaaay past our bedtime.' I gave up. Papa was gone and I suck at bedtime.

The truth is...the truth. Lots less impressive. But with any luck, like generations before, in my children's eyes I will be awesome!

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cambridgeclan said...

Lucky for us kids usually remember the good stuff. I think we keep the bad stuff all bottled up and they don't know about it. Hitting your head on a cupboard makes me need to hold my tongue too. It's almost as bad as hitting your shin on the open dishwasher going full speed.

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