Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I thought I was going to have a baby last Tuesday. So I dropped Scrunch off at school, texted my midwives, and Porkchop stayed with Papa while I went to walk around Home Depot. I looked at paint swatches, and plants, and even bathroom fixtures. I hemmed and hawed over my paint color and got the lumber I needed cut. An hour into my trip things were cookin'. Then when my two hours were up, everything stopped. And I've felt awesome all week. Like not even pregnant awesome- minus the wrecking ball strapped to my front.

Of course I got annoyed because as much as I believe babies come when they are ready, I'm ready. So come on already! Let's get this show on the road!

I  tore up two of the four garden beds that afternoon and we planted our bulbs. I got my fruit bin back once the bulbs were gone so I cleaned out part of the fridge. I had Husband screw the desk together. It's been primed, painted, and even put the knobs on. We made lotion. I've been making my laundry and dishwasher detergent. I finally added the ribbon to the roman shades in the family room. The teeniest of baby butt diapers are washed and look so cute all folded up and waiting to be crapped in. I've re-arranged furniture three, maybe four, times. The grout in the kitchen is a little whiter.

I went to knit night and was overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of some friends. Holy cute! In full disclosure I had four cake pops. Two boys and two girls. Cheri said whatever were left were the number of kids I was going to have. She just didn't want to take them home. They are sinfully delicious.  Even for breakfast.

Something in the relationship between my children clicked this week and they have played, and played, and played together all afternoon for days straight. And by played I mean Scrunch bosses Porkchop around and he follows her around like a pathetic puppy. "C'mon Erick! We have a job to do!" is what she tells him. "No, no, no! You have to call me 'Your Majesty!'" It's very cute and sweet and been selfishly nice for me to not have anyone touching me! For if Porkchop could turn us both into kangaroos right now he'd climb back into my pouch and stay until he was thirty-three. Do you know what a little boy's first heartbreak looks like? Stick around a few more days. Weeks?

I caught up with an old friend from High School that I didn't know lived in the area. Who knew Facebook served a purpose other than heckling my Dad and watching videos of my nephew over, and over, and over? Our kids played at the park and shared snacks. A win!

Today I would like to clean out the easel, modge podge some containers, vacuum the car while Scrunch is at school, cast something on, and have a baby.

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cambridgeclan said...

Wow. You do more then my non pregnant self! I was in labor on and off for a week with Bryson:) The good news is that once we broke my water it was only 45 minutes. Oh the joys.

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