Saturday, February 25, 2012

Random....I think it is Saturday.

Miqui..."Why aren't you blogging?"
"Because I'm busy eating bon-bons and watching my soaps."
But then later in the conversation she gave me a better response. It is my new go-to. For everything and everyone.
Oh, the horticulture humor. Bwahahahaha!

If you have to ask why I haven't been blogging then you have not visited my home in the last month. My every two hour nursing newborn is the easy one. No, really. She is. I cleaned raisins out of the soap dispenser in the dishwasher. Porkchop thought he would help. The last thing I need is more help. Last night on our walk Scrunch chastised the speed of my walking across the street. "Mom, you're going very slow and then a car will come and squish us flat like a ladybug. My Papa will be very upset with you."

Grami? She's no help either. She just encourages them because in her words, "They are funny little bugs!" Actually, she's been a great help. As of tomorrow I will be on my own and I will go back to blogging at weird hours of the night or middle of the afternoon because no one will be enforcing my naps.

I am a walking wardrobe malfunction. The worst public nurser ever! I can't figure out if it's because I don't care who and what they see, or if it's because I really do care. At any rate, I suck at it (teehee) and my current wardrobe is not really designed for it. And you're thinking, "All you do is lift your shirt up." If only it was that easy! This morning I pulled on a long sweater dress and then realized that I was practically going to have to disrobe every two hours.

I haven't been this awkward in my own body since seventh grade- when everything in life was awkward. Scrunch was a super help there as well when last week she asked me, " did the squishy zebra get in your tummy?" That's what Aunt Goose came up with to describe the post-partum racing tracks and squishy-ness that accompanies it. Aw, crap! I just realized my kid is expecting me to birth a zoo right around Christmas time.

The reasons are many and the gag order has not yet been lifted so the short version is...I put Ani on a plane yesterday and sent her to Texas to live with Aunt E.

Zero budget Relief Society Activity needing centerpieces. No problem. But think bigger. Pickle jar bigger. All lined up on my counter. I hope it works. If I can keep a couple of kids, a dog, and cat alive I think I can grow wheat grass. Well, I can't really take credit for the cat. That's Husband's department.

Thank you Pinterest for the picture.

This is what our Saturday looks like...

Ma boys watching videos on YouTube about building antennas for a ham radio. At least it's not Toy Story 3 for the thousanth time???

Scrunch is in the front room playing ponies and putting her babies to sleep.

Baby is sleeping.

And you already know I'm busy with the bonbons and soaps. Juuuuust kidding. It's not the soaps. It's Pinterest. For the record, I still don't know for sure what a bonbon is. I think its a Hostess-like pastry. My mom thinks it's in the freezer section with the ice cream. I'm headed to Winco here in a minute and will let you know for sure.

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