Saturday, February 11, 2012


The night before Juju was born I let the kids decorate the Everything Tree and morph it into our Valentine's shrine. Then we dipped chocolate strawberries and watched Porkchop make a mess with the tinsel by stuffing it into the empty green strawberry containers. The pictures are lame but I won't ever delete them. It was one of those moments where I stood in my kitchen and was truly and completely happy. They rank up there with the horrible pictures of dyeing Easter eggs the first time with Dad.

There have been tears and meltdowns from being overtired the last two days from both kids, plus they both have a cold, but for the most part they are so happy. I need to remember to tell Scrunch how proud I am of her. She has been so sweet and helpful. And Porkchop turned into a little boy overnight. Scrunch was especially proud of herself this morning when she thought she was so punny and told me that Juju was 'Beary Sweet!' and Porkchop on seeing her bear outfit just growled at her and calls her "Beeebeee Juu-juu".

I'm not betting on any hot dates, chocolate, or even flowers (because that would mean someone would have to leave the house), but this might be the best Valentine's Day weekend we've ever spent together.

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Lisa said...

I hope you get your sushi and your nap ;)

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