Monday, August 27, 2012

Bulleted blogging suits me best.

  • We've been doing fun things, I swear. We went to the train museum. And rode the light rail to get there. Ew, eww, ewww! Our local mass transit is not like it is in other cities (that know what they're doing). As soon as we stepped on, I regretted it. Don't touch ANYthing! Oh, and did you know it is a federal law that your stroller has to be folded up while riding. Could they make riding public transportation any less kid friendly?
  • Our summer fun list is almost over. So is the summer. I'll do an update with a bazillion pictures sometime. No promises.
  • People used to comment that I had my hands full, now they just stare like I should have a reality t.v. show. This compels me to not leave my home without wearing makeup and being fully dressed. People don't expect it, and I cannot bring myself to be 'that haggard looking mom with the ton of kids and ugly white van'. 
  • I need to do a post about Huey, the white whale- a.k.a. the ten passenger van I drive. We have a love/hate relationship. It is leaning more towards the love side every day.
  • Thanks to a friend who has my back, I scored the mother of all Craigslist scores this past week. A triple jogging stroller for next to nothing and a big play structure with swings and a slide for absolutely nothing! 
  • Holly started nursing school today and I know she's not going to blog, but there. Now it is documented. I am very proud of her. Even if it totally cramps our phone talking style
  • The girls guessed my age as being 40. They are grounded until I am.
  • Proud Mama moment...Scrunch asked me to teach her to knit and both school-aged girls have signed up for the knitting club at school.
  • I guess I left out a few details about the kids, and people ask me their ages all the time. 9,8,4, 2, 18mos, 6mos. ManCub and Juju are exactly one year apart to the day. He and Porkchop are 9mos. apart. Beezus is the oldest, and I'm still having a hard time coming up with a name for Miss 8.
  • Husband completed our Ward's mini triathlon this past weekend. And he did it without training, and did it well. Ugh. He kills me. I have to train and train and train for a 5k, and he busts out a 6mile run with some buddies after not having run in years. I am starting to suspect...cylon.
  • I milked again last weekend. I love it. Isn't that weird? I love milking cows. I am in the middle of consulting my calendar so it can become a regular occurrence.
That is all. It is my bedtime.


Angela N said...

Hi Yannette! I've been following all of this and hope I get to catch up with you soon! Maybe at knitting? I will be there this week.

Also, my sister started Sac State nursing school yesterday! After 4 long years of waiting for acceptance. I am So Proud too.

Ellie said...

ManCub. Thats my favorite one so far.

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