Thursday, August 9, 2012

I remember almost all of my teachers. Except this crazy high school English teacher who was completely off her rocker. For the life of me I cannot remember her name. I dropped her Honor's English class as a sophomore after only a week. The only thing I remember about her class was the word  'juxtaposition'. She was big on all that literary comparison B.S. I mean what can you expect- she was an English teacher.

Juxtaposition: Juxtaposition is a linguistic tool, used in any written text or any daily conversation, to highlight the distinction, the contrasts and the similitudes and alike attributes of two concepts, thoughts, characters, feelings, objects by placing them together in the context.

Man she would have loved for me to expound on the juxtaposition of my day yesterday. The comparison and contrast between the easy-paced morning spent doing farm chores, and the rest of my day dealing with chaos in the ghetto.

I woke up extra early to work and then I headed out to get my second milking lesson so I can cow-sit this week/end. I'm sure you'll hear about being peed on, making yogurt, cheese, and ice cream. As I washed dishes in the kitchen, a grandma taught her grand daughter how to make apple sauce from the apples that had fallen near the neighbors driveway. I felt so Laura Ingalls Wilder straining the milk and tossing the zucchini over the fence to the chickens. I drove home to nurse Juju the whole while thinking, #1. Man, I want to move. #2. This is the life and if I ever move and buy a cow I will name her Nellie and I will say, "Whoa! Nellie!" a lot.

Fast forward a few hours and I sat clutching my wallet and keys in a sticky waiting room chair at the Medi-cal provider hoping to get copies of some of the kids' previous records. I watched a mom yank her kids around and talk to them worse than I yell at my dog. On a bad day. I was totally unnerved as I walked the halls of the girls' previous elementary school. This is an elementary school? Run down and creepy. I'm so glad the girls won't be there now. As I walked back to my car I thought about that High School teacher whose name I can't remember.

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cambridgeclan said...

There is something whole and good about working with animals and gardens.

There is nothing whole about crummy schools and parents who were never taught or took it upon themselves to learn how to treat children.

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