Monday, August 13, 2012

One. Two. Three. Four. I declare a thumb war!!!!

My hands are ripped after the weekend of milking. (I made yogurt, ice cream, and butter. So yummy. And I'm totally sold on renting my house out so I can move to the country, milk cows, and eat peaches.)

But back to the subject at hand- thumb wars.

That is the most I got out of 4th grade. Thumb wars and bloody knuckles. I was a bloody knuckles champ. The boys used to even let me play with them in the lunch line. But after attending Back to School Night tonight I have realized, Holy shmoly! Things have changed. And I'm not even old people. I promise. I had a birthday last week so I was recently reminded exactly how old I am. I feel LOTS older than I really am. In fact, I can't WAIT to turn 30 so my age is more reflective of the bags under my eyes. Anyway, they have syllabuses (???) syllabi (???) in elementary school!?!

We did not wade in with kindergarten. Nope. Feet first. Sink or swim. Straight for 4th and 3rd grades. Full fledged homework, science projects, writing assignments, the goods. Meanwhile, back at home my four year old thinks she's going on fourteen.

Oh, laws.


Marti said...

All my kids had tons of homework in Elementary and it just gets worse! I don't remember having as much homework in high school as my kids do. I think my first few years of college was easier than 9th and 10th grade now. It's crazy!! I will say Matthew and Brittney were well prepared for college though. BTW are ther any pics of you milking the cows.

cambridgeclan said...

With life feeling so overwhelming with the school year starting, thank you for reminding me about one more thing I do not miss about public school. It really isn't as bad as it seems. You just got a review of the who year in half an hour.

Good luck in this new phase of life. School changes everything.

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