Monday, March 18, 2013

I reinstated my FB account temporarily last week. I totally and whole-heartedly did not miss it. I know it's supposed to be a way to connect (which is why I needed it again), but honestly! I might (okay probably guarantee) that I'm being totally wenchy when I admit to this, but it makes me think not so nice thoughts about people. If I had a dollar for every time I thought, "You're an idiot!" when I read people's comments, I could go this weekend to buy all 15 chairs I'd really, really like for the back patio. It just serves to confirm their stupidity. And oh, the drama. Love the catty drama between FB "friends". It's better than t.v. But the thing that bugs the crap out of me the most is people's comments, especially about their kids. I know, I'm a horrible person. If you're funny, have cute kids, or I like you I think it's great. But I laugh (not in a nice way) when it turns into this crazy stupid competition between a bunch of bored housewives who need to get some freaken hobbies. Someone posts a pic or a status and suddenly there's all the comments about how their kid does the same exact thing, but better. The one-up-ing is awesome. And I just want to post "oh, shut up!"

That being said, I need to totally brag on my Scrunch. My Scrunch has turned into such a nice little person lately. Not that she wasn't nice before, but it's just different right now. 

I prepped her all last week that I was so glad she was five now so she could be my special helper. It worked like a charm so by Saturday she was ready to go when we woke her up early to head to the church. It would have been easier and more productive to leave them home with one of us and have the other go help clean the church, but I really wanted to make it a lesson. We spent the morning shining drinking fountains, vacuuming hallways, and wiping windows. I wanted them to appreciate the fact that just like at home, there are no magic fairies who keep the church clean so we need to be respectful and careful in our treatment. After cleaning the church she accompanied me to serve lunch and work in the kitchen at a funeral. She helped keep watch for empty dishes, helped to wash them, and set water pitchers out on the tables. At one point I lost sight of her and got worried when I saw a bunch of kids running through the chapel and up on the stage and went to look for her. I got even more worried when I couldn't find her. When I finally did, she was reading a book quietly in the hallway. She had hoped that she would get to have a piece of the pink cake, but I asked  her to wait and do something for me and when she went back the cake was gone. I know she was crushed, but handled her disappointment gracefully. We left for the baptism directly following the funeral and although she didn't understand a word (it was in Spanish) she kept herself reverent and occupied pretending to knit with the needles I had in my purse.

Sometimes (like always) you wonder if the things you try to impress on them are going to make a lasting impression. You put in all this work and effort and wonder if they are really going to get it? I can't deny how much I appreciated seeing results the very next day. We had our twelve year old neighbor accompany us to church to help with the kids since we'd both be up on the stand to speak. She was in the back of the van with the kids and during the ride there was handing back to Juju whatever she had dropped and helping to distract Porkchop. At one point Scrunch told her, "I can tell you're such a big helper at home!" Ding! This is working! This parenting stuff is working!! While at church we went to use the restroom and she stopped to notice the drinking fountains, "Look Mom! We shined those!" Once inside the bathroom, "Look how clean these bathrooms are! Mom, aren't they clean? I hope they keep them clean." Double ding! But my favorite was during my Sunday School class. She wanted to come because she didn't want to leave Bradie, and I let her. I asked the kids to write/draw/whatever a picture or scripture on a transparency and then share how it increased their testimonies of Christ. For Scrunch I just asked her to draw something that was special to her about Jesus. Then each kid took their turn presenting with the projector in front of the class. In front of a class of 12-18 year olds Scrunch stood up first and showed them her picture of water. "Why is the water about Jesus?" "It's the Sacrament." "Oh, ok. And why is the Sacrament about Jesus?" "It's when we remember Him." Oh, sweet hallelujah! They actually listen, and pay attention, and at some point start getting it!

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Marti said...

1. So happy you included her in cleaning the church and that you yourself took your turn, too many families in our ward don't ever take their turn!
2. She deserves a whole pink cake!!! So proud that she wasn't running in the chapel or on the stage! Glad her mom was keeping an eye on her!
3. Super sweet about the water :)

She has obviously learned by example! Kids will be kids even if we set an example, but they sure do pick up on what they see!

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