Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Week

If I sit down to blog I will probably fall asleep. I hope. 

This week was a little over the top.

We...(and I say 'we' because I don't do anything,up to and including going to the bathroom, by myself.)

Plucked Cadbury's first coat.

Made some art.

Painted a chalkboard wall.

Discovered the wonders of GroutRefresh and refreshed the kitchen floor, counters, and one bathroom.

Took Porkchop to meet with the panel and saw the social worker, speech therapist, audiologist, ENT, plastic surgeon, dentist, orthodontist, oral surgeon, his surgeon, clinical nurse specialist, and the pediatrician. We ditched the geneticist at my request since I don't care to ever see her again after she counseled us to carefully consider having more children. I was ready with my pictures of Juju just in case she showed up. See?!? See?!?!  I will never complain again about his not holding still for an hour of Sacrament or wanting to go nursery since he spent all morning cooped up in an exam room and was such a good boy!

Went for lots of bike rides.

Sewed the first vinyl cushion for the dining area.

Enjoyed sunshine at the park.

Moved the rugs around. And around. And around.

Worked my paid job.

Said prayers for Scrunch, Aunt E, and Uncle Possum after finding out that Ani was put down.

Learned an actual song on the violin.

Went to knit night.

Cleaned the church.

Served at a funeral.

Attended a baptism.

Planned my Spanish.

Planned and gave a Spanish.

Oversaw the hanging of a light fixture in the dining area.

All sprinkled with some nursing, laundry, plant watering, and toys put away-ing.


Marti said...

I need a freaking nap after I read this, it wore me out!

Nat said...

Holy Cow. That's all I can think of in my head. um.... for my week: I stayed alive, did some dishes, ????

prairiedogs said...

What kind of bike is that? Where do you get a ride like that?

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