Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Cleaning

This week was not as productive as the last, but it's Spring now so I don't care. I'm so happy to see the bless-ed sun that I don't care abut crappy, un-fun things like cleaning out the garage. Instead I'm looking forward to all the fun things I have plotted for the summer. Every year during January and February I plot our move south. I try and figure out where we could live for less, but get more- especially when it comes to winter sunshine. I announce to my husband that he needs to start updating his resume cuz I'm out of here! Just when I have him just about convinced that this time I'm really serious, it's March and I'm over it. The redbud trees on every corner blossom and I remember how much I like it here, and how ridiculously grateful I am that I don't live where it snows. It would be sad, sad, sad, for my SAD if I had to deal with snow. Womp, womp.

I did get a head start on my Spring cleaning this week. Sort of. The sheets on all the kids beds have been washed at least twice. Spontaneously puking right before bed will do that for you. Poor Scrunch hasn't puked, but she's not feeling well. She spent all evening curled up under her Fancy Nancy blanket listening to Storynory. I'd love to talk like Natasha. Scrunch hates it when I mimic her. Maybe it's because I don't sound anything like her, and she can't hear the intro to her story, but whatever. We're going to be listening to a lot of audio books this week. I proclaim this week Spring Cleaning Week.

I downloaded The Paris Wife on Audible because I really am going to focus on the garage this week. I also made a list of cleaning projects- one per day. By Friday the garage will be clean, some extra cleaning will be done, and I'll be ready to spend every day at the lake.

* Clean fan blades on all ceiling fans
* Scrub sliding door tracks
* Take apart and wash the vacuum
* Magic Erase baseboards
* Wipe down all doors

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