Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The diet is called Whole30. You can Google it, but basically it is a very strict paleo diet. After my monthly migraine left me unable to drive, or see clearly, and then hovering over the porcelain God I was kind of desperate. I was (almost) willing to give up tortillas (for like five hours). I decided it wasn't worth it.

As the long time Mayor and newly appointed Head Zoo Keeper, I worry about what is going into so many other mouths that by golly I'm going to enjoy what is going into mine. I do not eat unhealthily on a regular basis, though I do mention Flaming Hot Cheetos a little often lately. Can't help it. I love them! My new theory is that fear and stress are as carcinogenic and fattening as anything I'd put in my mouth, so for the time being I'll just make sure to move regularly and eat my fruits and vegetables. Maybe I'll cut down on the grapefruit. I really like those, too. I might have had three after dinner tonight, before the Flaming Hot Cheetos. Mercy! Good thing I don't have indigestion.

As for my new position as Head Zoo Keeper?...Like with any entry level job I am hoping there will be opportunities for growth and expansion. I'd like to see a future with two alpacas, a dexter calf, a couple of cashmere goats, some ducks, a sizzle chicken, and probably a Bernese Mountain puppy to help keep an eye on things.

I know some people think pets= more poop. While it's true there's more poop, I think the trade offs are worth it. The conversations that have been sparked with my kids about life and death, the responsibility, chores, learning to care for someone else, empathy, etc...all good stuff. Plus, they are cute. 'Peck' the cockatiel is turning out to have an affinity for my husband, but the bunnies are mine. Even if I let Scrunch name 'Gnomeo' to avoid having to name a future baby brother that. We originally brought home two new bunnies, but one went to live with a friend after hers died unexpectedly and rather tragically. 'Serendipity' was supposed to be for Scrunch and she was more than a little bent out of shape at first. After explaining the situation she was easily bought off with a pink fish named 'Sarah'.

These are newest members of our zoo.

Every night it's, "Please bless Mommy, Papa, Scrunch, Porkchop, Juju, Jedi, Chevy, Cadbury, Gnomeo, Peck, and Sarah." And if Porkchop is saying the prayer he adds, "John's V-truck (for SUV) and the minivan." And I mean every night. And if they forget one, or think they forgot one- they start over. Pretty much everyone gets blessed at least twice. This makes our zoo seem a little crazier than it really is, but what else would you expect from the Crazytown zoo?

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cambridgeclan said...

Those bunnies are so cute!

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