Monday, May 20, 2013

The melting point of a blue Pyrex dish lid is 350 degrees- just in case you were wondering. It only took about three minutes and the awful stench it created for me to realize that I hadn't emptied the oven before turning it on for lunch. Not enough cupboards = storing stuff in the oven. Tell me I'm not the only one.

This was also my melting point. Or at least my brain's. The great mystery of mortality for me is how I can go from being perfectly 'whelmed' to completely and totally overwhelmed in a few minutes. This resulted in my calling in my Husband as a reinforcement and to talk me down. After an afternoon of listing out everything I was doing, should be doing, and everything I wanted to do, the ultimate suggestion was made- that maybe it was time for me to quit my job.

This was so hard, for so many reasons, for me to even consider. But I did. Consider it, I mean.

I prayed and wrestled with the idea continuously for about three days. The answer that I received, while a little frustrating was also incredibly empowering. "It is your choice."

If I want to quit, I can quit. If I want to continue to work, then I should continue to work. But I have the blessing of choice. I choose where I spend my time. Every day when I make my list of what I'm going to do, I choose. I choose which activities I participate in. I choose which activities my family participates in. I even choose what I put in my mouth. (Ahem. *See detox diet*.) This was later confirmed when I had the opportunity the very next day to see a preview of Girl Rising. You should see it. I could write some more (lots more) about it, but for right now its most meaningful message is that I have a choice. That is an incredible blessing, one which I should be more grateful for.

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