Monday, May 13, 2013

Yesterday and a little bit of today's news.

I almost got out of having to come up with a "pixie-dust for Christmas" solution.

"Mom, I don't need pixie dust if Santa can bring me something much better!"

"What's better than pixie dust?"



I love hearing what her pixie dust is going to solve and "magic". When her paints were confiscated due to getting them out (and leaving them out) without asking..."Fine! I'll just magic some with my pixie dust!"

This morning she is going to use her pixie dust on Mommy and Papa when they get old. "I'll magic you young again so you won't die."

She's become fascinated with my putting my make up on. She perches on the counter, a willing assistant-handing me each brush and tube while quizzing me for their uses. Her commentary is as amusing as the pixie dust conversations.

When I brought out the tweezers..."Mom, how did an eye brow hair get all the way over there!?"

Yeah, so I have a couple of uses for the pixie dust. But don't you think I'd have already asked for some if I thought Santa was capable, kid?

In other news, Porkchop has a couple owies from not slowing down. He will allow a Mickey Mouse band-aid on his hand. Only McQueen band-aids on his knees, but REFUSES a band-aid on his nose. "It no owie Mom."

He told us last night he was going to serve a mission if he could take his box of McQueen cars.

Juju doesn't say much at this point. She screeches like a Colobus monkey, which is always a lovely sound for the neighbors to ignore, I'm sure. Oh, she did say thanks after nursing last week which totally weirded me out and I promptly got on the "let's wean this kid" band-wagon. It hasn't worked. Pixie dust or no pixie dust I will wean and potty-train before the summer is through.

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