Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

I stood in the kitchen debating about whether to cut up a pineapple or just go to bed. I went with neither, and thought you'd like to know what I was thinking standing in front of my fridge deciding on what to eat next. So what if I just ate half of the most delicious BBQ pizza I've ever had? My life revolves on what I'll be eating next and I do my best thinking standing in front of the fridge.

I remembered that I once had a debate about whether there was food in heaven. It ended with me stating that, "If there's no food, then I don't want to go."

This brought me to thinking about heaven and hell. It's hard to picture what heaven will be like. Hell I imagine is a lot like Christmas Eve when you're five years old- still believe in Santa, and know your stocking is going to rock, but Christmas never comes. Hell is waiting. And I make waiting hell.

Thoughts about heaven and hell make me think about God. I have two thoughts on this actually. #1. The more you think you know about this great thing we call life, the more you realize you know nothing. #2. God's sense of humor runs along the lines a British comedy. A little disturbing, I mostly don't get it, but it's some funny stuff.

And then my thinking was interrupted by the beeping of my fridge. It does that when the door is open too long.

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Marti said...

Hopefully heaven has chocolate and no beeping fridges!!!

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