Friday, October 14, 2011

Beat the Doldrums

I am in a bad mood.

I blame Caillou's mother mostly. Because I don't really have any other reason.

I walked into the room in time to hear her say, "Congratulations Caillou! You've found your first fallen leaf. Here, let me put that in your scrapbook."

And I thought, "Well, apparently I suck." I haven't scrapbooked newborn pictures from the hospital and I would tell them to keep the leaves outside. Never in a bajillion trillion years would scrapbooking enter my mind. But then I thought, "No you suck. Your kid is the whiniest, baldest, most annoying five year old on the planet, so what do you know anyway?"

"Scrunch! Do you want to watch Aristocats instead?"

That was three days ago.

It must be something in the air because Miqui has them too. We tried combating them with shopping last night which turned out to be the most pointless excursion ever. If HomeGoods and Target can't deliver what's a girl to do? I came home with a Sprite and nausea. I wish we'd gone for a pedicure instead.

What I really need is a good book. A really good book. Nothing beats the doldrums like a good book.


What I've read lately and if/why I liked it.

Tina Fey's BossyPants- I liked it, but mostly I think because I listened to it. I might not have liked it as much had I read it. No one does a Tina Fey rant like Tina Fey herself. Oh, and I thought some of her perspectives on homosexuality and feminism were pretty brilliant.

Sarah's Key- Meh. It had some good parts, but mostly..meh.

The Tailor's Daughter- Good until about two thirds through and then I didn't care about the characters anymore.

Between Husband and Wife- Great book. A must read, but it is non-fiction and not the best for escaping let's say...a bad mood.

Ponies- Eerily true and profound. It'll take you less than ten minutes to read.

Match Me If You Can- Totally trashy read. But I laughed and liked it. Shamefully, I liked it a lot.

Follow the River- Best book of my entire recent reading! Read it in two days. But then again Dances With Wolves has been my favorite movie since I was six.

Currently on my Going to Read list...

Bubba and the Dead Woman
One Thousand White Women
The Thirteenth Tale
Little Bee

Any other suggestions? I'd take recommendations for a decent chick flick too.

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Marin said...

Check my blog sidebar books rated 4, those are the ones I really liked. Go see The Help. I hear The Big Year is good too.

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