Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Raspberry creme filled chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting as a mid-morning pick me up. Which I didn't have to bake or do the dishes for.

Afternoon naps as needed.

One on one combat help when taking the kids to a buffet.

She only rolls her eyes when I ask her to get the latest Craigslist acquisitions out of the car, but does not drop them.

But maybe most importantly...she taught me short cuts to zippered box cushions and encouraged yards and yards of piping.

Everyone should have a Miqui. And a twenty dollar sofa slipcovered with a paint tarp. Go ahead, spill that chocolate cake, should you be so lucky as to have some. And maybe a couple of newly refinished bentwood rockers, a witch pillow, and some dog pillows because you can't get enough of sewing piping and zippers.

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