Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I needed a little bit of fun.

I got the dates on the Calendar mixed up. So glad I took that nap, even if it cost me five grand, so I could still be awake at 2:50 a.m. to realize it. I should have stayed home to finish one of the umpteen projects I'm in the middle of, but I needed to get out. My husband was more than willing to help me out with that one. He didn't want to see what it actually looks like for me to jump out of my skin. Some people glow during pregnancy, my ADD gets worse and I get twitchy.

I twitch, therefore I knit. It is the only cure I've found that works and I haven't been doing enough of it lately so I responded to the call.

1200 Knitters Wanted!
Registration Form for Knitting World Record Attempt

Thank you for your support and commitment for our attempt to break the most knitters
in one place world record! Please complete and return the bottom half of this form to confirm your place in the record attempt.

The record is for the largest group of knitters knitting simultaneously in one place
for 15 minutes. Please bring yarn and two needles (no circular) to knit with.
Please place yarn in a bag. If you stop knitting for any reason you will unfortunately
be disqualified from the record attempt. 

We weren't even close. There's always next year. The kids had an awesome time though. For the love! Someone buy these kids a farm!

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