Thursday, October 27, 2011


In my dream I was trying to line up Elvis' eyebrows on two stencils so I could paint them onto a tote for Relief Society. Yup. Not sunning on a beach with the King himself, but stenciling a tote bag? Pathetic excuse for a dream. I woke up when I heard Miqui announce, "Your son is wandering around the house."

I opened my eyes to find Porkchop at the side of my bed grinning. "Hi Guy!" he says.

You can gauge the likelihood of returning to sleep by Porkchop's vocabulary. "Mo milk, mama." means there's a chance I might finish stenciling the remainder of Elvis' features. "Hi Guy!" means we're going to be up for a while.

I would let him climb in bed next to me, but when he cuddles he places his forehead right above my belly and wraps his arms around me like a tree. This morning when I layed down with him for a nap he reached up, grabbed my nose and yelled, "Honk!" Oh, and the baby doesn't respond to anyone like she responds to Porkchop. If everyone and everything is a phase then I am in the "Please, don't anyone touch me!" phase and He is in the "Just hold me!" phase.

Last week I decided that Scrunch and Porkchop will share a room. Since Saturday they have both done really well. As far as I know. His only clue is the stash of multiplying spoons.

These pictures are mostly terrible, but please note that Scrunch picks her own books to proudly display. To the right of 'The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Shell' is her favorite Spanish/English dictionary, and to the left of 'The Puppy Book' you can barely make out her Mandarin one. She can now tell her brother to 'Keep Out!' in three different languages.

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cambridgeclan said...

I think the kids really like sharing a room at young ages. Just as a warning. Most 18 months old want mommy ALL of the time. Maybe Erick will be different, but just prepare for MAMA being yelled every time you walk out of the room.

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