Saturday, March 31, 2012


I got the boost I needed yesterday.

First, I watched NieNie's video about her new book. I cried and kicked myself for not being more grateful. It comes out next week. I think I might have to read it. Or listen.

My friend and Visiting Teacher came over and reminded me that Duh! I'm tired! I should be tired. This is hard work. She brought peanut butter cookies and then took Scrunch to her house to play for a few hours. God love 'er!

I saw my neighbor detailing his lawnmower. I laughed at the weirdo and called my mom to tell her. "So? What's wrong with that?" "Oh my gosh! Do you do that?!?" "So? What's wrong with that? How else do you get all the grassy gunk off?" This only made me laugh harder. It's a lawnmower!

Then I went for my last visit with my midwives. I was able to donate milk to a baby who needs it. I get to pay it forward! Then I was validated. I am normal. And Juju is nursing a lot. At seven weeks she's up to 12lbs 3 ounces. She's gained over four pounds! Cream-a-licious.

Just went I started to think my little lump was a little on the serious side- she's started smiling. On purpose! And cooing. You would hate me if you knew what an angel baby she is. It's hardly her fault at all that I'm tired.

A long talk with my sister reminded me that she knows lots of child psychologists. We'll be fine! They'll be fine.

I was starting to feel good.

I got this!

I can do this!


And maybe I got a little carried away because then I decided, "Hey! I can do that!" and I cut Porkchop and Papa's hair. I've paid for the clippers and a manicure! Booyah!

Before I could get any further and really set the world on it's ear, I slipped and fell down the little embankment between Winco and The Goodwill spraining my ankle. A little jerkwad yelled at me from across the street and down a parking lot regarding my grace. He proceeded with a few expletives I could only get the gist of. I wanted to drag that boy by his ear to his mother! And swore that if my boy ever!...So hep me!!...

And that is why I can't let up. Even if I'm tired. But maybe that's what I needed. A little break. (harhar) In this case a sprain. A reminder that it's okay to sit down and put your feet up. No really. Tape it. Ice it. And put your feet up! At least for a few days until the sprain heals. And then I'll go get my nails done.

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