Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Friday. It's random.

It is cheesy and corny and some will say lame, but we actually do have a meeting we call FEC on Sundays.  When we don't, we miss it. And when we do, it makes all the difference. Part of what we've started is to set weekly goals for ourselves. This is so we know exactly what to nag eachother about all week long. We each pick a personal goal, a hobby goal, and a house goal to work on during the week.

My goals for this week.

Personal goal- Start a One Sentence Journal. I would love to do something like the art journals with their pretty pages and sketches, but it's just not going to happen right now. The one sentence thing I've totally gotten behind. I write one sentence for myself and for each of the kids. I use COZI and then will have it emailed to me at the end of the month.

Hobby goal- Camilla babe sweater up to the sleeves. I am trying to use what I had in my stash and it was bunch of white pima cotton which I hope will be cool enough and pretty, but it's a beast to knit with. I kind of hate it.

House goal- Finish cutting in. Blech. I think I'll get to this the eleventh hour on Saturday night. My goals this week were really crappy. Next week I'll pick more fun goals.

I'm so close to being done in Porkchop's room. And just in time for us to move.

The gag order has been lifted, and I'm allowed to talk about the fact that we are planning a temporary relocation with Husband's job for six months. If all goes smoothly we will leave before the summer and I will spend my birthday on the Mediterranean! We're headed to Jerusalem. Don't be scared. We're not.

I've started going through things. We are no strangers to moving. 11 times in six years. This time it's a little different though because we aren't just packing everything up and taking it with us and then stashing the still packed boxes in the garage until we get around to looking for something. Most of it is going to stay. As I go through things I have to ask myself, "Will I need this in the next six months to a year?" And if the answer is "no" then why do I even have it? Furniture excluded obviously.

If we end up staying then my husband will have to seriously make it up to me by taking me to Sea World, San Diego Wild Animal Park, AND Catalina. Plus, my house will be super organized and I'll get to go shopping to replace all the things I just donated to Goodwill. It is a win/win.

The UPS guy is seriously hating turning around in my cul de sac this week. He's been here twice already and should be here again tomorrow. I have a thing for Amazon Prime and

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Marin said...

Wow Yanette! I hope you still post on your blog after your big move!

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