Friday, March 16, 2012

Random stuff I've made the last few weeks.

(Besides milk.)

That's where I'll start. 

Yes. I think I'm funny. So funny in fact, I made two.
The tutorial I used for the hooter hider said it best. "Who cares about a little boob? There's no way I'm gonna let people stare at my muffin top." 

Last year's Sunday School manual put to good use.

You didn't know I could paint?...I can't. It's an image transfer process. Of COURSE I used a tutorial. Are we still counting the number of times I say, "I found a tutorial..."?

I can however, paint furniture. I made a desk out of two nightstands and an MDF top. The best part is I can see the sandbox from where it sits in the family room.


I'm working on Porkchop's big boy room now that we know for certain Juju is a girl. The only thing I've made in there is the bed, sort of.

This is a pattern keeper for my knitting patterns. It opens up and walah! No raisins encrusted on the pages from sitting in the bottom of my bag.

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cambridgeclan said...

Seriously. What do I do all day? Pretty awesome stuff.

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