Monday, March 26, 2012

We've hit the six week marker. I am cleared for exercise. Instead, I am hitting the chocolate chips big time. I can't blame baby for my weight. After Porkchop was born I learned the art of stress eating. I noticed it one night when I looked down and saw a bowl of mini marshmellows on my right and a bowl of chocolate chips on my left. Today I feel less guilty because I added a vegetable- pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

We are two weeks into the routine so it's not yet habit. I neglected to factor in going potty thirteen times a day. Last Friday Porkchop decided he wanted to go potty. Sure. Why not? Saturday morning he pooped and peed in the potty. "I eww-ed!" "I eww-ed!!" We high-fived. It was cute. I thought the novelty would wear off. He's been "ewww-ing" all weekend long and today he used the bathroom successfully five times. He's a rockstar, but the novelty has worn off for mommy. I spent the majority of the day nursing or in the bathroom.

When husband came home I was informed that it might be another six weeks before we know for sure if we're going to Israel and we will likely have little to no notice. Awesome.

The chocolate chips are not going to last long. Luckily, I think there is some Ready-whip leftover from my in-laws visit a few weeks ago.

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Goose said...

We have those squeezable apple sauces too! :)

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