Monday, January 21, 2013

Scrunch gave her first prayer in Spanish yesterday. She even volunteered for it. I wanted to fist bump her and whoop, but then I'd be that Mom and I have plenty of years in front of me to be that Mom.

During an interview with the Stake a few weeks ago the couselor asked me my maiden name. I told him, and after a series of questions the next thing I know I'm saying, "Yes! We'd love to go to the Spanish Ward!" You didn't know I spoke Spanish did you? Our only reservation was that Porkchop hates nursery with a purple passion. Even if we go with him he stands at the door and says, "Me Go! We Go Home! Get out! Get me out!" So all week we prepared both kids that we were going to a new church where it was the same, but it would sound different. For the first time in our family's recorded history Porkchop went to nursery the entire time and without any tears. Done deal. I will be there bright and early with bells on!

I'm sure there will be growing pains for everyone- my vocabulary is a bit rusty but I was even surprised how much of it came back to me. Sitting in Sacrament meeting is a bit awkward because the congregation is so small and our kids are noisy and blonde. The blonde-ness is almost more distracting that the "Nack? Nack?" and "Where my Yon?" from Porkchop if Husband steps out for a minute. But the  people are so nice. So nice.

Yesterday a woman I've barely met once came up gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek. "It's so good to see you! I'm so glad you're here." I almost fell over. Loved, welcomed, accepted at church? Weird. Good weird.


Marti said...

Yay for Scrunch. You have every right to fist bump and whoop! So glad Porkchop went to Nursery! That's awesome that you guys are willing to go to. Spanish Ward.

cambridgeclan said...

That is awesome. I hope it continues on well. There are probably a lot less kids in that nursery. David has really enjoyed our smaller ward.

[alisar] said...

Awesome news!! Hang on tight to those Hispanic roots, they are both beautiful and rad.

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