Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Mom! I wanted to be so helpful so I got Erick dressed in some of my pajamas!"

This newly found helpfulness is greatly appreciated by a Momma who is single parenting for two weeks while Husband is in Israel. I think it must have come with turning five. If you ask Scrunch, being five is the best- hands down better than four! For three straight mornings she has come into the kitchen and announced, "Say 'hello' to five year-old Scrunch!" with her arms out in "ta-da!" fashion. She has taken a special interest in making sure her brother is comfortable and well taken care of. She doles out snacks to Juju regularly and announces any time anyone needs a diaper change.

Juju and Mommy thank you.

And Porkchop's High School yearbook staff thanks you.

* Photo by Scrunch.

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