Friday, January 18, 2013

The Christmas card that wasn't.

I am sneaking in a post while it's still Friday. I'm also putting off practicing my violin. That high C is a killer and it's cramping my pinky. I picked up the violin again for the first time in almost fifteen years! It is beautiful. I can't wait till I can play a whole song that's not along the lines of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or scales. Neither can my family.

Scrunch was intensely interested the first few practices and wanted to play. I told her she would need to practice a whole hour every day so maybe she should sit on the bench and listen to Mom practice. If she could do that, then she would know what a whole hour was. She lasted about eight minutes and then wandered away saying, "Maybe when I'm older Mom." My thoughts exactly.

Today she was pretending to be on the phone when I asked her to take her boots to the shoe bucket. She rolled her eyes in disgust and continued her pretend conversation with an, "Ugh! My mu-ther is making me do stuff." I didn't know whether to laugh or sit down and cry.

She and her brother were playing on my bed with the Pilates ball while I got ready in the bathroom. Someone (insert my own eye roll) thought it would be a good idea to wrap their arms around the ball and bounce off the bed and try to still land on the ball. Of course the initial experiment had to be tried out on her brother.  I could see them bouncing around out of the corner of my eye when I saw Porkchop take air and fly over the edge of the bed. Thankfully he landed straight down so hard that it flipped him immediately onto his back and not through the sliding glass door. He cried a little, but more out of frustration that it didn't work than anything else.

I re-told this story to my Mom and then ended our conversation with a "Well, have a good day. I've got to get these kids bathed and dressed and see if we can't avoid the emergency room for another day." And then not three minutes later I pulled Porkchop's jammies over his head and saw his arm. His left arm from shoulder to elbow was swollen, red, and hot to touch. The last eight years of nursing experience fell out of my head and I didn't even stop to assess the situation before I called Husband to come home. Porkchop was the one who reminded me that he was given an owie the other day and Kah-kah had one too. Oh, that's right. He went to the pediatrician. Apparently has an extreme sensitivity to his immunization. Good to know.

Squishy on the otherhand...what can I tell you about Squishy? She's the third so I'm not as vigilant about things as I might have been with the other two. Things like letting her chew on the bath toys. I happened to pick up a couple of her favorites while in the tub the other night. I have since thrown all the bath toys away. I am a mean mom, but that black mold can't be good for you. Her favorite game right now is 'Peek a boob'. While she is nursing she will unlatch and say, "Boo!" It only takes her about forty-five minutes to eat because she thinks she is so dang funny.

Alright, I have to go practice before it  becomes tomorrow. This post is starting to sound like a Christmas Card update anyway. While a little windy and squinty this picture pretty much sums it up. Scrunch is sassy, Porkchop's a ham, and Squishy just wants to know when her next meal is.


Ellie said...

Your sweater is really cute. I might steal it. Watch it.

cambridgeclan said...

I really like your hair in that picture. (Is that too shallow of a comment?)

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

@ Ellie- Thank you for noticing. It is my new favorite. Should it go missing I will be holding your yellow Anthro one for ransom.
@ Naomi- Thanks! It's the windblown look.

Marin said...

Love your hair too!

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