Saturday, April 27, 2013

Manual Labor

Every night this week at about eleven o'clock I'd think, "Holy Crap! How'd it get so late?!?" and then I'd be a little bummed that I only got about half as much done as I'd hoped to. Every evening as soon as Papa came home from work we'd tag team digging holes, moving dirt, moving bark, moving more dirt, changing diapers, making dinner, moving more bark, digging more holes, and so on... Finally after a week of manual labor we got up early this morning and finished hauling the last of the dirt piles in the driveway. We had to be finished by nine so we wouldn't miss out on moving more bark. Our little project was really good practice for our Mormons Helping Hands assignment. We moved and renewed the playground park at three different parks. We are sunburn and sore and I have been (temporarily) cured of wanting to go the nursery and scope out plants for a while.

Front garden beds. We still need to repaint shutters, install new door, outdoor doesn't end. But it's not anywhere near eleven o'clock and I'm finishing my ice cream and going to bed.

In Porkchop's version of heaven we all ride around on tractors.

Grumpy Garden Baby

All my tired helpers.

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cambridgeclan said...

Mormon helping hand kicked my can a little too. The yard looks great.

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