Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Things I need to blog about but probably wont get around to it...

Removing the sliver from Scrunch's thumb that she got 4 months ago while visiting my in-laws.

Jedi and that damn possum. His late night bath with clorahexidine, and bandaging him up with my car stock. 5 dead possum babies in the backyard. Eww, ew, ew. "You can't just throw them in the trash! How will they be resurrected?" "They're not people. We're not having a funeral." "Not just people get resurrected. Ani will be resurrected too!" Ay ya yay.

The fact that the people who work at the nursery are starting to recognize me. And then fitting a tree (or two) through the sunroof.

A late night trip to the Lowe's an hour away because they had my chairs in stock and then the dude not believing I could fit all five chairs, plus my kids in carseats in my car. Behold the power of the

My garden and its 80 sugar snap pea plants. I love em. I hope I have some friends who like them too because there's going to be nothing but snap peas for about a week.

Traumatizing my poor parrot and why I will never step foot in a pet store, but especially a bird store again.

My $4.99 Goodwill antique luggage trunk turned console table.

My love affair with Walgreens fleece lined leggings.

Porkchop being mesmorized! Mesmorized! by the cement truck in his very own driveway. Couldn't get him off the front porch or out of the window all day.

This will leave me time to blog about the most exciting event of the week...

Scrunch lost a tooth.

(You can imagine the drama.)

A little over a week ago she burst into tears because it was loose and she thought she had done something wrong. I'm all for dental hygiene, but really? Did they have to tell them that the sugar bugs eat your teeth? She thought her Easter candy did it. Sunday night she happily skipped into the garage and announced to Papa, "I have really good news. My tooth came out." On her own she decided to twist it and see what would happen. It came right out. And of course in the spirit of procrastination I had waited 'til the very last possible minute to sew up her tooth fairy pillow. The tooth fairy made an appearance after several discussions over just how she would get in and just exactly what did she want with kids teeth anyway.

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