Monday, April 29, 2013

The least photographed, least frequently painted room in my house.

There is only one color of paint on each of these walls. For me, that's like a record. Everything except the leather couch was thrifted, Craigslisted, or free. So while the walls may have very little paint on them, all of the furniture got a coat or two.

I wanted really big art for over the couch, but really big art (that I like) is expensive. So I bought a $20 dollar projector on Craigslist and printed a transparency. Bam! Big chalk art that I can change out with the seasons. The ottomans used to be the green reupholstered ones, but they started to get grimy so I recovered them. The lighting is wonky- making it hard to see, but the lamps were painted with chrome spray paint and the shades are out of vintage knitting patterns. The old green door and most of the art came from that estate sale with the old drunk guy. The needlepoint above the armoire was someone's Grandma Edith. I bought it at a garage sale over the weekend for $2.00. I almost cried. I do stuff like that (knit, needlepoint, etc.) and it makes me throw up in my mouth at the thought that it will someday be sold by my ungrateful posterity for mere pennies. The trunk was my $4.99 trunk that I spray painted with chrome spray paint and used some gold rub and buff and Annie Sloan's dark wax to distress it. I put the legs on from an old kitchen table I had. The brass elephants were from a garage sale a few weeks ago and I made the 'Believe...' art with my Cricut and brass/white vinyl. I made a matching one for my Grandma's birthday a few weeks ago.

I need to finish the silhouettes for over the piano. Maybe I'll finish them and Peck can have a photoshoot. Can you see our cockatiel through the blurry pic? And how about our bunnies? Yes, plural. 'Gnomeo' and 'Serendipity' joined us on Friday. They deserve their own photoshoot, too. Eventually, I'd like a much larger light fixture, but this one guessed It used to be in my Mom's kitchen. Homer and Marge are my ferns. I named them just as I was typing, but I think it'll stick should they make it through the summer. They came from Lowe's.
Remember my old, green, free piano? It's white now. I bought jute webbing on Ebay to cover the seat.

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Lisa said...

Wow, how you get your house to look like that is beyond me... with kids! I just struggle to keep mine clean, let alone decorated! Your craftiness is inspiring. Wish I had a fraction of it. ;)

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