Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sometimes I don't even know what to say.

About this time the last few years, Scrunch announces what she's going to ask Santa for Christmas. And while it may seem a little early, she hasn't wavered no matter how I try to influence her. Two years ago it was a pink kitty, and last year it was a pink puppy.

Last week the announcement came while I was doing her hair. And boy was she excited about it! "Mom, I know just what I'm going to ask Santa for Christmas!"

"Pixie dust. And then I will fly."

She has convinced Porkchop that they will get to fly on Christmas.

I am toast.

Also, she loves Alexander.

Alexander invited her to his birthday party at the zoo. I let husband escort her knowing he would enjoy the up close and personal animal encounter more than the kids. He reported back that Scrunch did not leave Alexander's side the entire party. In fact, she considered herself his honored guest and didn't seem to get that all the other kids that were there had been invited too.

Today after watching them play for a long time after school, I brought him up.

"I noticed you seem to like playing with Alexander a lot."

"Yes. I'm going to marry him."

"Oh. Well. You don't have to marry him. You can be really good friends. You might meet someone else you'd like to marry so maybe you should wait to decide."

"I can't Mom. I have to marry him. I want to play with him forever."

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northslopegang said...

I love following your blog. You have a darling family!!

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