Sunday, October 21, 2007

Catching Up!

One week into this and I'm already breaking "the rules of blogging" and not writing every day. Don't worry though! Our lives are mostly boring and you're not going to miss anything.

Yesterday was college football day which means John watches the games on-line on one computer and the stats for the other games he can't watch on his laptop sitting next to him. This goes on for about six to eight hours each Saturday unless he's got some Scout thing or Eagle project going on. Most wives hate football season, but not me. So long as he keeps the fireplace going I can read or sew or knit all day long and he doesn't notice. Even better is that I can go shopping and be gone for hours at a time and he's not going to say a single word about it.

Since I'm not working as much these days (by my choice), I've curbed some of my shopping habits (at least yesterday) and spent the day reading. I finished two books on my current list. Midwives and the Breath, Memories one. Midwives was good, the other one not so much. When I read on the couch Ani and Jedi have to read with me (mostly because it is warm in front of the fireplace) but it sure makes cute pictures (I'll post these later today).

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aliring said...

It's Alisa. Cool blog! We're praying for you.

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