Tuesday, October 30, 2007

La DeeDa

La DeeDa, that's how I've gone through the last few days. I've been keeping busy doing everything except the dishes and vacuuming which desperately needs to get done.

I don't know what I would do without the IFC, that's the Infertile Club. They are two friends (Yes, I have friends. That joke is so old.) We are all in the medical field and all share the fact that we are childless and LDS. We have probably too much in common. We even joke about writing a book. They are fabulous! Last night it donned on me that we are a combination of the Ya-ya Sisterhood and cast of Steel Magnolias, only younger. Today at breakfast I had to ask if maybe we were always going to be "bitchy". Of course we don't think we are; blame it on the hormones. It's the Clomid talking! Anyway, they are just great. They are the kind of friends who don't ask if there is something they can do for you, they come over and cry with you. There is no faking it with them. They get it, they have been there.

Today we had breakfast and then I babysat for another friend who has three of the cutest kiddos. She is a Saint and one of the only pregnant people I didn't hate while she was pregnant. I even attended the birth of the last munchkin. At least I was there for the delivery of the placenta. It was hilarious! I sped home from Dixon in 35min which is usually an hour drive trying to make it. I came in just after she had delivered when her three year old comes to the top of the stairs and yells, "Hurry Yunet, we're waiting for the placenta." This is the same kid that explained to me that "the yucky stuff is called vernix." This was six months ago, so the little one is getting big enough to be left home for a few hours at a time which means I get to come over and play.

So that's how I spent the day, breakfast with the Ya-ya's and babysitting. Mutual topped if off and now we're going to watch a movie we started watching yesterday. I made John turn it off yesterday when it got scary, but now I don't know if the serial killer is really the killer or not and if he was ever caught. If I'm ever going to sleep again without having to fall asleep on the couch then I guess we have to finish it. I'll just peek through my fingers during the really scary parts. I should have figured. The title is Disturbia. I'm not sure what we expected.

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