Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Patron Saint of Miracles

OK, so I don't usually share my personal business with a lot of people, but at this point I kind of figure...oh what the heck? I've had an HSG and a homestudy done. If you don't know what an HSG is... think yearly woman physical but ten times worse. Get the picture?

Anyway, long story short goes like this. There is a birthmom who is carrying a baby (duh) who has chosen us as a couple. We would love to parent this child and this woman would like us to. Problem is the birth father has made it very clear that he does not want this child placed. Because of the legal situation and all of its implications, he has a say (even if it goes against what everyone else knows to be best for this child). So without a complete change of heart or him being struck down, this is not looking good. So if you pray, have faith, chant, light candles, have extremely good karma, or whatever it is you do, please pray for this child to come be a part of our family. A gal at work asked if it would be okay with me if she prayed to St. Jude who apparently is the patron saint of miracles. I told her "of course". I believe that ultimately it all goes the same place and we could really use a miracle. In the mean time, we will be praying to Heavenly Father to bless this little girl with a family and we continue to hope that it can be us.

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