Thursday, March 4, 2010

Behind the Times

Somewhere along the lines I missed the memo that a blogger should write a post welcoming March. All my favorite blogs did it. I did not. Scratch me off your list of favorite blogs.

So, March...Welcome? I can't even remember if you came in like a lion or a lamb. That was four days ago. My memory does not go back four days. I am lucky to stay on track with my hourly potty timer. Lists and timers define my life at the moment.

Scrunch is doing great with the potty thing, but I hate it. Potty training is a pain in the butt. Potty training while pregnant is actually quite handy though. I have to go at least half as many times as she does. I just wait for the timer, and it's time for me to go again. And if I wet, I blame the kid. Both kids.

Next Wednesday starts a vacationing/ mostly driving marathon that will last until the end of the month. Scrunch will get to see seven grandmas. And they will think all her little tricks and sayings are just as cute and funny as the first time they heard them. Unlike mommy who at four this morning only found the "Come on, Mommy! Let's watch a movie!" mildly amusing.

When we get home I will have six weeks left of baking our little dude. That's kind of cool. And then I think about my list of "to do before dude" and I feel the pressure to get my butt in gear. I keep making the list longer and then avoiding it. Things like, add brown panel to the bottom of dining curtains. Paint the kitchen and family room. Put in the front flower bed. The usual. Instead, I threw a party yesterday. And I there was way too much food, and too few people. We'll blame the pouring rain, not the fact that I have flaky friends. But raise your hand if you have ever left my house hungry? Ever? Thank you very much. I would call that a successful party. There was enough leftovers for me not to have to cook for two days. And my house smells awesome, thanks to Katie and Scentsy.

Today I am making a huge batch of spaghetti sauce and stuffed shells for Relief Society. At least I'm supposed to. I'll start a new list, avoid it, and get something done on the original list.

I should stop making lists.

Just March.

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northslopegang said...

Awesome...Nat makes lists too!!

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