Monday, March 1, 2010

Breakfast on the Brain

All I can think about is breakfast.

Was it...?

a) The greatest cinnamon rolls at our favorite breakfast place ever!

b) My sausage toes after so much walking at Stitches. An entire post dedicated to Stitches to come.

c) Repeated readings of "If you give a Pig a Pancake, Mouse a Cookie, and Moose a Muffin".

d) Newly Modge-Podged craft storage which makes my eat-in kitchen area look like the IKEA showroom- which also has pretty good cinnamon rolls.


e) All of the above and the four cups of tea that it took for me to recover today.


Goose said...

It is after midnight and I am totally craving that cinnamon roll... Thanks a lot!

You should bring me one when your DH goes to China.

Miquela said...

I have decided after looking at these pictures you need to not let the Bug grow up so fast, just tell her to stop growing.

Goose said...

I love the pic of our grandparents- both are holding their blackberries! hahahahaha

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